Victoria Akkari

Sunset Dessert Plates


"Out of the sunset's red into the blushing sea, the winds of day drop dead, and dreams come home to me. The sea is still— and apart
is a stillness in my heart." 

Out of the Sunset's Red by William Stanley Braithwaite

We created a Sunset for your table to make dining solo or with friends more enjoyable.

Outside of Egypt, the work of Mona El-Din can only be found here.

Each piece is handmade and hand-painted by artist Mona El-Din at her workshop in Egypt. Our ceramics are perfectly imperfect, just like you. Because we produce in small quantities, each piece slightly varies; in essence, this is the beauty of work crafted by hand.

Handmade in Egypt

Food-safe ceramics


Dimensions 6 inches/15cm

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