Gama Estudio

Taza Handmade


Individually crafted and perfect for savoring your favorite coffee, tea, or matcha. 

Gama Estudio is a ceramic workshop that explores materials and techniques to create unique and durable pieces.   

The elements of the earth and respect for the process are the basis of their work.

Ceramic artists Fer & Sof love experimenting with design and creating custom glazes to develop beautiful colors and patterns determined by the kiln's heat. Each piece is one-of-a-kind created by two truly artistic spirits in their newly opened ceramic studio in Cuernavaca. 


Women-owned business

Made in Mexico



Green and brown cups W 3.5 inches x H 2 inches (approximately)

Cream and brown W 3.5 inches x H 2.5 inches 

Coco brown W 3.5 inches x H 2.5 inches

Lighter green and brown cups W 3 inches x H 2.5 inches (approximately) 

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