Culinary Argan Oil In My Coffee

Coffee is a high source of antioxidants, and a natural caffeinated stimulant, providing a boost to the start of your day.

Grass-feed butter and MCT oil are added to your morning cup of morning Joe to create what is known as Bulletproof coffee. By containing a high-fat level and no carbohydrates, it reduces your appetite and is used as a meal replacement during breakfast, however, a daily intake of butter will also raise your cholesterol or LDL levels.

Instead, I decided to put culinary argan oil in my coffee. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it has a nutty flavor profile that tastes quite delicious with coffee. Also, culinary argan oil does the opposite of butter- it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Here's another tip, as we age, skin loses elasticity, and eating argan oil can help maintain and even improve it that loss.

I believe that if you have a favorite food or drink you consume daily, make it top-quality and organic, if possible. There are plenty of fantastic coffee brands to choose from, and our culinary argan oil is small-batch, sustainably sourced, and we're happy to announce it's fair-trade.

Next, I'm going to put argan oil in my other favorite morning drink -matcha. Stay tuned!