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About Us


My business began after a trip to Morocco led me to pursue its centuries-old golden elixir, where I worked with a women's cooperative for six years producing small batches of Organic Culinary Argan Oil.

For me, this new journey is just as exciting; as a creative person, I have the opportunity to work with women artisans from the Middle East, North Africa, and other parts of the world.

I want to highlight art that I find beautiful and unique. I source every design, and I believe the best way to show support for global artisans with micro-businesses is by only purchasing products at the asking price (this is fair trade). Furthermore, I tend to focus on women artisans because it's been proven that when women of the household earn an income, it benefits the entire family, especially their children.

In a way, the world seems smaller because it's more accessible; this gives us more reason to broaden our global perspective and provide a voice for everyone.